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Ronald Cederlund Vocals, Keyboards

Ron started playing the keyboard at the age of 8 with his grandfather's table top organ and has been involved with music and singing ever since. He gained an appreciation for many types of music including rock, metal, show music, new age jazz, new wave and so on. Ron entered the music scene at 18 with a band called Destiny and continued on through the nineties with cover bands such as Bittercreek, David King and the K.C. Band, Mesh, and Kindred Spirit, London Calling, and Black, White, and Blues Band which had a moderate success.

As a Solo Artist, Ron has recorded an entire catalog of songs. In the late 90's, he released an album entitled Afterglow which is featured on In 2000, Ron was involved with a short lived London Calling reunion until the members eventually went their own ways.

In 2001, Ron is involved in several projects such as Something From Nothing, collaborations with Jeremy DePrisco, a talented singer/songwriter out of Harrisburg, A producing project, Ronster Monster Records and the release of a new album entitled, Beyond The Dream. Ron lives in Shippensburg with his wife of nearly ten years, Laura and his two beautiful girls, Sarah and Heather. His goal is to break out of the local scene and record an album which will make it into mainstream audiences.


"Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try" - Dennis DeYoung

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